Some Uses Of Aloe Vera

Some efficacy of aloe vera

1). Sufficient Amino Acid Body Requirement

The human body needs 20 types of amino acids which 8 of them cannot be produced independently in the body. Aloe vera has 19 types of amino acids and 7 of them are the kinds of amino acids needed by the body. So the consumption of aloe vera is highly recommended for humans of all ages.

2). Treating Hemorrhoids

The hemorrhoid is a disease that mostly disturbs humans who have solid activity and eat less fibrous foods. This disease can be overcome by using aloe vera. Consume aloe vera with mixed with honey and warm water. Consumption of this aloe vera regularly three times one day before or after meals.

3). Heals Wounds

Aloe vera has the ability to improve the work of building new tissue in the skin tissue that is injured. You simply remove aloe vera gel … Read more

Here are 7 Types Of Sports That Can Be Done At Home.


Why jog at home? Must buy a treadmill?

No need to buy a treadmill for jogging at home. You can do it on a terrace or another room. Importantly, you should have sports shoes to do this type of sport to optimize movement and avoid injury.

Do jogging around the terrace or from the house to the terrace. How many times? Do not get a hundred * lonely 😀 hehe … To start you can try 10 times, then up to 15, 20, 25 times every two days. Interspersed with drinking water or milk tea


It’s kind of a nostalgic sport! During my first school, I always missed my routine at home. Unfortunately, now I rarely see people doing sports like this.

Cardio exercises using straps (skipping rope) are common to everyone of all ages, from child to adult. Make this sports fun by trying different jump styles.… Read more