Why jog at home? Must buy a treadmill?

No need to buy a treadmill for jogging at home. You can do it on a terrace or another room. Importantly, you should have sports shoes to do this type of sport to optimize movement and avoid injury.

Do jogging around the terrace or from the house to the terrace. How many times? Do not get a hundred * lonely 😀 hehe … To start you can try 10 times, then up to 15, 20, 25 times every two days. Interspersed with drinking water or milk tea


It’s kind of a nostalgic sport! During my first school, I always missed my routine at home. Unfortunately, now I rarely see people doing sports like this.

Cardio exercises using straps (skipping rope) are common to everyone of all ages, from child to adult. Make this sports fun by trying different jump styles.


Yes, it sounds so yesterday yes 😀 but makes no mistake, this one sports hits again!

Standard gymnastics floor that can be done such as push ups, sit ups, back-ups. Well, now this is a planking trend. Planking this form of push-up style is maintained. Even this board has its own challenges.

I have started planking, only 4 days but fun. Feels very heavy. Hahaha * lol … But, I am motivated to complete this planking challenge.

The benefits of this floor gymnastic to shape the body, especially the stomach, buttocks, and endurance sports. Do not forget, the floor coat with the base to reduce the risk of injury, yes.


Aerobics at home? Are you kidding? Not me!

This type of exercise can be done alone at home. How? You can follow the aerobic movements of DVDs sold at sports stores or download them from youtube.

Do not forget to wear sports shoes, yes.


This type of sport also became another hit. Wherever we can see the yoga poses that interest us to do it.

You can do yoga at home by downloading the app on the phone. I have done it, In this case, you will be guided to do yoga as you see fit. I chose the base and challenged it for 10 days.

Unfortunately, only 9 days I did it. Why? Because of LAZY! *

Doing this yoga is great for me because the body is heavy and difficult to balance anything! Hahaha … And the pose that we often see is not easy to learn. I feel it!

I like most of the last yoga session where to do the supine position, by doing breathing and emptying the mind. It really feels fresh! Feel there is a loose load.

But, my advice is yoga at home, it’s good you meet first with yoga instructor, learn basic breathing with it. Then, just do it at home.


This type of sport is still one level below the size of yoga hits. I never. You can do pilates at home by watching the movements on youtube by experts. But, once again the advice of what I read, also a good consultation with pilates instructors first, so you can understand which muscles need to get pressure when doing the movement.


This is a very fun type of sport to do at home. The body can play the rhythm of a song without the need to be shy or uncomfortable with people’s views. In fact, widening in the house and own. Hehehe … Guaranteed, do sports like this that kids love.

Dance you can love, Zumba, flamenco dance or interested to try another movement, try the pole dance!

Well, often looking for questions, “where to start?”

For me, it does not matter the question because it just started. Like the jargon of one brand sports shoes, just do it! If only the intention of mah, all also have but not everything can start immediately. Have a little time after cleaning the house, immediately start exercising! Because if delayed it would be lazy.

The main problem with not exercising is lazy right? Due to tired work, chasing deadlines, managers while playing some make us so lazy sports, no time to ‘protect’ for lazy sports.

7 types of exercises that can be done in this house is just a small solution to the problem of lazy sports that we experience. Again, it all depends on us, we want to start sports into a healthy body or not. May we always be healthy. do the exercise at home!