Some efficacy of aloe vera

1). Sufficient Amino Acid Body Requirement

The human body needs 20 types of amino acids which 8 of them cannot be produced independently in the body. Aloe vera has 19 types of amino acids and 7 of them are the kinds of amino acids needed by the body. So the consumption of aloe vera is highly recommended for humans of all ages.

2). Treating Hemorrhoids

The hemorrhoid is a disease that mostly disturbs humans who have solid activity and eat less fibrous foods. This disease can be overcome by using aloe vera. Consume aloe vera with mixed with honey and warm water. Consumption of this aloe vera regularly three times one day before or after meals.

3). Heals Wounds

Aloe vera has the ability to improve the work of building new tissue in the skin tissue that is injured. You simply remove aloe vera gel by cutting aloe vera into two parts. Apply the gel to the affected skin. The injuries you can treat with aloe vera include burns, insect bites, and cuts.

4). Treating ulcers

Ulcers are a skin disease that very often affects children. Currently, you do not need to bother anymore looking for the right ointment. Just use aloe vera to treat the ulcer. You simply pound the leaves and add salt, then paste in the location of your ulcers are located. Open patch after a few hours and boils will also break upraised.

5). Debate Hair

Aloe vera has been known to the public as one of the basic ingredients in various types of shampoo. One of the benefits of aloe vera for hair is to increase its growth, so the hair becomes denser. Aloe vera has an enzyme that is able to remove dead skin cells that inhibit hair growth. In addition, alkalization of aloe vera can also make pH levels of hair to be better and normal so that the hair can grow denser.

6). Treating Dandruff

Aloe vera has an acid content that can help to wipe out dandruff on the scalp. You simply apply the gel obtained by splitting the aloe vera throughout the scalp on a regular basis. If it has been idle for half an hour and rinses thoroughly. If done with a routine, the results will be more leverage.

7). Prevent Hair Loss

the protein contained in Gel aloe vera has a very good property for hair. One is used to prevent hair loss, also aloe vera gel can strengthen the hair roots that in the end the hair also becomes strong not easily fall out.

8). Prevents Itching on Scalp / Anti-pruritus

Itchy scalp disease is a disease known as Pruritus. This disease has anti-enzyme that is on aloe vera. So the use of aloe vera is highly recommended to prevent scalp disease, one of which is this pruritus disease.

9). Menutrisi Scalp

Aloe vera has a gel that easily penetrates through the scalp texture. Nutrition from aloe vera can meet the nutritional needs of the scalp and hair. So the hair is not easy to get the disease and always awake the nutritional needs.

10). Maintain Body Moisture

Aloe vera gel embedded on the entire surface of the skin of the body such as scrubs will provide excellent benefits. The use of Aloe vera scrub on a regular basis can keep skin moist and not dry. Damp skin conditions will be able to counteract the sun’s rays that sting the skin. Therefore, one of the benefits of aloe vera is also to maintain skin moisture.