Herbal Medicine

One of the most frustrating and helpless feelings as a parent comes when your child is sick and blatantly refuses to take the medicine that you know will help make her better. New medical breakthroughs included the discovery of penicillin, cortisone (a powerful anti-inflammatory medicine), streptomycin (a powerful antibiotic that is effective in treating tuberculosis), insulin (to treat diabetes) and chlorpromazine (an anti-psychotic that controls schizophrenia). Conservation medicine studies the relationship between human and animal health, and environmental conditions. I later shadowed an urgent care pediatrician, where I observed patient doctor relationships and attempts, or lack thereof, of an empathetic approach to medicine.

Alternative medicine centers on healing the mind, body and soul, instead of focusing on healing one major illness like pharmaceutical medicines do. This holistic solution is one reason why alternative herbal medicine is rapidly gaining popularity. The Tibetan system of medicine has roots in medical practices over … Read more

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Make sure to follow me on Twitter here as I post interesting health news links and updates EVERY DAY at 3 p.m.! Make a call today to someone in the holistic health field trained in complementary therapies: acupuncture, naturopath, massage, homeopathy, medical intuitive and other modalities. There is no evidence of the possibility of ultraviolet blood clotting increases in women, black or mixed letters.Professor Deepika Laddu of the Department of Physiological Therapy of the College of Applied Health Science, University of Illinois, author of the research report, said the results of the study are astonishing. If you do not know who to call start with a Holistic Health Directory and search for your health condition or send an email for a referral.health news

Friday’s decision came three days after another Franklin Circuit Court judge ruled that Kentucky Spirit must reimburse health departments for services provided by school nurses to Medicaid-eligible children, … Read more